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Our Management

“The achievements of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual”.

Biocare’s Board of Directors comprises eminent individuals from diverse fields. The Board acts with autonomy and independence in exercising strategic supervision, discharging its fiduciary responsibilities, and in ensuring that the management observes the highest standards of ethics, transparency and disclosure.

Our directors are experts in the diverse fields of Agriculture, biotechnologies, human resource development, business strategy, finance, and economics. They review all significant business decisions, including strategic and regulatory matters. Every member of the Board has full access to any information related to our company.

Committees appointed by the Board focus on specific areas, take decisions within the authority delegated to them and make specific recommendations to the Board on matters in their areas or purview.

The team works with a clear and common purpose helping us conduct our Agriculture business operations successfully. The combined skills of its people and their passion for results act as the catalyst to Bio care’s continued success and we believe that our strong management team is crucial in making this happen.