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For Oil, Grease, Hydraulic Fluids, Water and other Spills.

Maksorb brand of Absorbent is highly purified siliceous earth is an extraordinary mineral, which has superior absorbent qualities. The Unique structure of the Maksorb provides greater pore space Because of this it absorb more liquid than any other absorbent material. Maksorb cleans up spills with no slippery residue or films, making the clean up area safer and because you less ,there is less disposal of used material.

• Absorbs more liquid, oil per bag than other absorbent material.
• Using less material saves time and money.
• Environmental friendly and safe for landfill disposal.
• Promotes safety by reducing slip Hazards.
• Safe to use in food processing plant.

Maksorb is perfect for verity of application

• Automotive Business: Dealers, Repair Garages, and Body Shops.
• Emergency Response: Fire and Police Department, Hazardous material Handling Units.
• Trucks And Heavy Equipment: Truck Stops, Fuel Station.
• Airport: General Maintenance, Ramps And Fuel Areas.
• Transportation Services: Bus, Taxis, and Shuttles.
• Industrial Plants.

The Environmental Solution

MAKSORB brand of Absorbent is useful in small floor spills to large-scale industrial accidents and hazardous waste spills.

• Ideal for High Viscosity liquids, Bioremediation, waste Solidification.
• Passes Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure and Liquid Release Test.
• Environmental friendly and safe for landfill disposal.

Maksorb is perfect for verity of application

• Emergency Responders, Fire and Police
• Chemical laboratory ,factories , Research & Develioment labs.
• Waste Management Companies.


MAKSORB is a very high porosity mineral. It provides a conductive atmosphere for microorganisms to grow and speed up the natural biodegradation of oil-based liquids.