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Chairman's Desk

Dear Friends,

I am happy that BIOCARE has lived this axiom since its inception, always moving forward; exceeding goals; enabling people to live better, healthier and safer.

Thanks to our forays into Biotechnology and Nutraceuticals, past decade has especially been very encouraging and enriching. Be it – R&D; Building innovative products; Sharing and shouldering responsibilities; Meeting competition head on; Enhancing operational efficiency; Realizing our goals or improving Customer care and Consumer satisfaction; TEAM BIOCARE has marched forward on all fronts. And we are suitably geared up to face and benefit from the winds of change.

I take this opportunity to acknowledge sincere, focused, hard work of TEAM BIOCARE – my extended family. Of course, I am more than grateful to ever growing consumer base, and I foresee a bright future ahead. I am confident that BIOCARE shall leave its footprint in most of the major world markets.”

With Warm Regards,
Suhas Buddhe , CMD