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Natural Nutrient Silica Soil Conditioner

Available in packs of 20 kg
Biosil-de is a Biogenic silica mined from sedimentary layers deposited over millions of years in fresh water lakes. It is light in weight, chalk like in appearance, very porous and comprises siliceous fossils of plant algae. It consists primarily of amorphous silica.

• Amorphous silica is a perfect soil conditioner.

• Plant avails high percent of silica from it.

• It helps to increase mineral and nutrient uptake.

• It helps to balance air-filled porosity, high infiltration and high water-nutrient holding capacity.

• It helps balance the pH of the soil.

• It enhances plant flowering and pollen production.

• It is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

• It increases the translocation of nutrients, and controls the biotic and abiotic stress conditions.