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Waste Decomposer

Biocare Waste Decomposer

Product Description

BioZap is an eco-friendly microbial treatment scientifically formulated for the control of Blue Green Algae, Sludge, Odour, Turbidity and Water Clarity in Watercourses like Lakes, Ponds and Rivers. BioZap is very easy to use and safe for environment and aquatic habitats.


• Apply 1 Kg. of Biocare Waste Decomposer over 1 ton layer of organic waste.

• Maintain 60% moisture during entire period of composting.

• Turn over the compost at regular interval to allow proper aeration & uniform composting.

• The compost gets ready to use after 60-90 days.


• Environment friendly control for lakes, ponds and rivers.
• Re-establishes normal air/water exchanges.
• Prevents anaerobic process and bad odour.
• BioZap will clear water within 4 to 12 weeks.
• Reduce Nitrogen and soluble Phosphorus.
• Facilitate lake oxygenation.